Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Best Friends"

Recently I have thinking about the term "Best Friends".  Personally, I think it is a label we throw out there quite too frequently.  Often, "Best" friendships can develop from varying places at the oddest times: school, work, the gym, clubs, etc.  It's an evolution that happens before we even realize.  These friendships can exist 2000 miles apart or under the same roof.  Distance is not the issue; it is the merit of the friendships that matter.   But what drives us to romanticize certain "Best Friendships"?  Is it because there is history? Is it routine? Is it about keeping a social status? What is it about keeping those "Best Friendships" alive, that are no longer valid to our lives?  Most people have a difficult time with the idea of change, which is a factor.  Letting an era end is sad.  Some relationships are salvageable, but some are can become toxic to you both.  People change, grow apart, and move their separate ways.  There is a season for everything, people come and go, but it is natural for this progression to happen. 
     A "Best Friend" is not only someone who is there for you in your time of need, tells you, you look skinny when you've lost weight, or that your new hair cut looks amazing, and all the other cliche things. A "Best Friend" is someone who constantly is CHALLENGING you.  They want you to be the best you that you can be (no, I'm not talking about the Army). 

HONESTY is key- when you are wrong in a certain situation, or you have gained 25 lbs. after breaking up with your boyfriend, you rely on those friendships to help you see the error of your way.  A lot of times we can become blind, selectively or not, to issues in our lives, and every now and then we need to be called out.  We may not like it (I certainly don't), but that is what we need. 

ENCOURAGEMENT.  I cannot stress encouragement enough in friendships.  Our best friends are the one who encourage us, not only in difficult times, but encourage positive growth, encourage our spiritual walk, encourage us to step outside of our boxes. 

PRAYER. Your best friends pray for you like they pray for themselves.  They pray not for what you ask, but for God's will do be done.  They pray for your personal and spiritual growth, along with peace in your life. 

Honesty, encouragement, and prayer, in my opinion are the key ingredients for a successful "Best Friendship.  A "Best Friend" is not someone who compromises you or your integrity in any way, is not someone who pick and chooses when to support you, is not someone who thrives on bringing you down, when they, themselves are suffering.  Being a "Best Friend" can be hard work.  Sometimes it's hard telling the truth or watching your friend go through a difficult time, but because you love your friends you do it, willingly. 

We should strive to be "Best Friends" in all of our friendships.  Making the most out of all relationships should be a common goal in our lives.  So, I ENCOURAGE you to evaluate your "Best Friendships". Be honest with yourself.  In return, reflect on the way you are treating your friends.

Are you being the "Best Friend" that you can be?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Baaaaacckkkk!

O.K., so after taking a short break from my life, due to work and school craziness I'm back!!! I feel like I've failed a little with the blogging, BUT I have been progressive in my efforts on my Bucket List.  I actually have some things to add to the list as well, so go check it out.  But in the spirit of things, I just wanted to share a little about my New Yeaaaahss Eve (you love it). I was so blessed to spend the evening with friends, old and new, in Nashville, TN this year. (Aren't we beautiful?! At least the ladies to my right and left haha.)
I didn't feel as jazzed up as I usually do, despite the sequined jacket, or the false lashes, but it was still fun!
I just love this photo of us!
(even though I have the sun coming out of my head)
 Anyway, It was a fun night, with few pictures, a hand full of memories, and some rich car ride conversations to and from Nashville.  Even a surprise appearance from the lovely Mikala Moore, and the Fabulous Jamichael Smith. You can only imagine...I have been so blessed in the past year with great friendships, new friendships, great experiences, life changing events, bittersweet endings, as well as exciting beginnings.  I have accepted challenges of all shapes and sizes, and hope to do the same in 2012!  Thinking about all the different possibilities for 2012, especially for the next few months, is a little overwhelming, but nothing I can't handle...Ha.  So, stay tuned to see what's happening ya'll!
How was everyone's NYE?!
P.S. I will be coming back with a holiday/ birthday tell all, maybe even some pics of my favorite things!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bucket List Y'all!

OK, so do you ever get this overwhelming feeling that there is sooo much you want to do in your day, week, year, and even life, but there is just simply never enough time?  Join the club.  That is a constant feeling of mine, and I pray to God that this feeling never goes away.  I mean, what the heck am I going to do with the rest of my life, if I have seen and done it all at the age of 22 (I guess I could do a lot of Netflix watching?).  With that being said, I am going to create the ever so cliche "Bucket List".  I really don't mind being a little cliche anyway.  I have decided to start small. While I am thinking of all the things I want to do on my life long list, I have created a list for the next year.  Most of this check list is not "life altering" in any way, but just some fun things I have never done.  I would LOVE any and all suggestions. If you're feeling spontaneous, or just like a good friend join in on the action!

SB's Bucket List:
1.) Tailgate and sit through an entire Mocs Football game.  2.) Actually attend a Mocs Basketball game.  3.) See a sunset at "Sunset Rock".  4.) "See Rock City", Ruby Falls, etc. (the whole shabang).  5.) Go on an official date (it's time to get back on that saddle).  6.) Take Chloe to the dog park.  7.) Decorate my house for Christmas.  8.) Get my first "big girl" job.  9.) Make another video with LW.  10.) Hit 1,000 tweets.  11.) Graduate from college.  12.)  Get accepted into graduate school.  13.) Make all A's my last semester of college.  14.) Go to a purebarre class.  15.) Become a Chi Omega Alumna.  16.) Plan my trip to Europe.  17.) Chattanooga Ducks Tour, Ghost Tour, etc.  18.) Host a dinner party.  19.) TBA

 Well, I still have some things to add, but this is it for now. Peace, Love, and Keep Rollin On.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before I Forget

Dadadadaaa! First real post! Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to appreciate some lovely ladies in my life.  I recently had the pleasure of being the VP of recruitment for UTC's Panhellenic.  This, my friends, was no easy task.  We got through it though, and it was very successful to say the least.  So, one of the best parts of disaffiliating from your sorority is the traditional "running out the door" back to your sorority.  For me, this was my 3rd time doing so.  I was a little nervous this time running back, because my pledge class is no longer in the chapter (seeing as they have all grown up, and I am still trying to be a kid). So, in my mind I thought my roommates, Chi O family, and maybe a select few would be at least a little excited to see me, but the rest could really take me, or leave me.  

Well, well, well... I just have to say that I have the absolute best friends/ sisters a girl could have! These sneaky ladies, (my pledge class) planned to come to "running out the doors", and wiggle their way up to the front right before I was about to run out.  As they were holding my banner up, I jumped up to see where I was going, and to my surprise, they were all standing there waiting for me.  Obviously, I started crying, but I will never forget that feeling of being so incredibly blessed with these women.  And like the pictures show, I ran out to these beautiful ladies, and it has never felt better.  
So, to these women, thank you so much for being the encouraging and inspiring women of character that you are. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.  This right here, is one of the many events I am so very thankful to have in my "victory lap".  Oh... and to that brat in the picture above, we got our second chance :) Love, love, love you all!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well, Hello There

I think I am a little too excited/ nervous about this whole blogging experience.  After careful consideration, (consideration that is, about the embarrassment that is to come from this. I have great friends I know), contemplation, and any other -ation out there, I have decided to start my very first blog.  Obviously, my first obstacle was what the heck to write about.  As I am trying to solve this issue it hits me: "when in the world am I ever going to be able to sit at work, and do something like this again?" BingoI have the luxury of attending college for a victory lap 5th year at UT Chattanooga. I am in the transitional stage between college student, to young adult.  As I was looking back at the previous 4 years, I realized there was STILL so much I wanted to do, see, and experience, before I have to cross that scary bridge. So, I am going to document this last year, "as a kid", and hopefully I will have experienced many new things by May 5, 2012... not that I'm counting down or anything.  This blog is completely intended for fun, laughter, and all good things in life.  Please bare with me, as I stumble through these first couple of times!